Habitations MicroÉvolution is a company specialized in the design of tiny houses on wheels. In fact, we were the first company to offer this type of house here in Quebec in May 2014. We offer assistance to self-builders and also build personalized houses and outer shells. Here is a few lines to introduce ourselves:

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Custom Tiny house

At Habitations MicroÉvolution, there is no construction chain. When purchasing a home, it is built according to your needs.


A team member will meet you and a unique house will be designed and built.

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Options for all

We offer many services and products for all budgets:

Assistance to self-builders (trailers, construction plans and workshop)

Exterior shells

Completed houses

Meet our team

Qui sommes-nous?

Gabriel Parent-Leblanc



After studying biology and a Master in environmental management where he specialized in green building – specifically on the environmental impact of different solutions for heating and insulation –, he decided in 2014 to found the first Quebec company to specialize in tiny houses.


Without false modesty, he is one of the best people to help you, because he built with his own hands our model house (he had the help of many other people of course!). He also lives in the house since December 2014, so he can advise you on what things to do and not to do.

A big thanks to our volunteers


Towards the middle of December 2014, we finally finished our tiny house model! In a little less than 6 months, more than 1 000 hours of work were carried out by 26 friends, new friends, family members and volunteers. A huge thank you to

Gabriel Parent-Leblanc, Stéphanie Martineau-Gagné, Francis Simard, Andy Gagnon, Claude Gagné, Sylvie Leblanc, Steven DeTilly, Maxime Vysniauskas, Serge Brady, Josée Leblanc, Alena Motorina, Mathieu Frenette-Piché, Pierre-Philippe Dupuis, Oscar Medegan, Gabriel Ouellet, Peter Patch, Yann Gunville, Odier Robitaille, Gabriel Manzanares, Guillaume Bolduc, Jean-Sébastien Poirier, Yoann Gonzale, François Michon, Mary-Pier Drolet, Véronique Jobin et Chantal Chenel.