Tiny house trailer (galvanized steel)

Tiny house trailer (galvanized steel)

4 799,95 $9 599,95 $


Our trailers are specifically designed to accommodate a tiny house. Without false modesty, it is the best trailer in the market: galvanized steel, lowered axles, jacks at every corner and more…


Yes, it is more expensive than a basic trailer with painted steel. However, this material, particularly in Quebec with our roads full of salt, can begin to rust in its first year of use. Do you really want to risk the integrity of the foundation of your tiny house? This is definitely not paying in the long term.


In 2015, we have written a shopping guide for tiny house trailer with lots of information to help you in your planning. You can find it here: https://www.habitationsmicro.com/en/tiny-house-trailer-buying-guide/




Characteristics of our tiny house trailer


• Two low-floor axles (the platform is under the level of the axles; we gain a few inches in height of useful space) with a total capacity of 7000, 10 400 or 14 000 pounds depending on the length of the trailer;
• Jacks in all the corners to stabilize the tiny house when it is stationary (see photos);
• 4 wheels from 15 to 16 inches;
• Construction plates welded to the trailer for the attachement of the frame during construction. This gives incredible strength to the walls (see photos);
• Brake system, lights installed for the road (temporary, you can get them off and install them above your tiny house facing);
• Dimensions: length from 12 to 30 feet x 8 feet wide

Price of our trailers vs their length and axles :
12'2 x 3 500 lbs4799.95
14'2 x 3 500 lbs4999.95
16'2 x 3 500 lbs5199.95
18'2 x 5 200 lbs7199.95
20'2 x 5 200 lbs7399.95
22'2 x 5 200 lbs7599.95
24'2 x 5 200 lbs7799.95
26'2 x 7 000 lbs9299.95
28'2 x 7 000 lbs9399.95
30'2 x 7 000 lbs9599.95


Please note that trailers with axles 2 x 7000 lbs are considered a heavy vehicle by the SAAQ: « Une remorque dont le PNBV (poids nominal brut du  véhicule ) est de 4 500 kg ou plus est soumise à une vérification mécanique périodique obligatoire ainsi qu’à la Loi concernant les propriétaires, les exploitants et les conducteurs de véhicules lourds. » (Reference: Guide de construction – Remorques de fabrication artisanale)


If you wish to order this product, a third of the total deposit amount is required when ordering. Contact us by phone: (438) 804-5487 or email: info@habitationsmicro.com


* The pictures on this page are only an indication. Each trailer is unique and yours might be slightly different.



12', 14', 16', 18', 20', 22', 24', 26', 28', 30'

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