Tiny house materials list
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Tiny house materials list

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Here is the list of all materials that were needed in the construction of our model unit. The list separates the materials and classifies them according to these categories:
• Trailer • Wood • Insulation • Roofing • Plumbing • Propane • Aluminum • Electricity • Solar Energy • Doors and windows • Bathroom • Kitchen • Decoration • Painting / dyeing • Hardware • Other




Characteristics of our tiny house materials list


The list indicates the quantity of each item you will need to use and the approximate price if you buy it new. As mentioned in the document, depending on several factors (layout, working method, etc.), building your tiny house could use more or less material. This obviously will have an impact on the total cost of the house.


Also, the cost estimate presented includes only the hardware. Building a tiny house is often a personal build and therefore the costs of labor vary widely. You could hire an experienced builder for everything or do it all yourself (you’ll need minimally a propane technician and an electrician).


Finally, a list of tools you will need is also provided. The approximate amount is presented on this list, but not the price. The reason is that you could rent or borrow some of these tools. You do not have to buy everything new (we do not want to encourage excessive consumption of material)! Used in conjunction with 2D and 3D plans, you have all the tools to succeed in your own tiny house! All of these are sold together in the Set of 3D and 2D drawings, list of materials and additional photos


Files to download:
• Tableau matériaux et coûts anglais.pdf* – 387 Ko
• Tableau matériaux et coûts outils anglais.pdf* – 236 Ko


* PDF is a file format for presenting data. Use Adobe Reader (free) to read files.


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