Visit a tiny house surrounded by nature in Charlevoix
tiny house visit

Welcome to Stefan’s tiny house on wheels, surrounded by nature in Charlevoix. He takes us on a tour and explains in detail all the secrets of his house! (the video is in french only for now, sorry!)


Tiny house visit


Stefan used our specialized trailer to build his tiny house:


We also produced customized plans from its design ideas and preferences:


The result is really beautiful. A huge thank you to Stefan for his welcome!

“Tiny house workshop : from planning to construction”

– Obtain all the tools to succeed in the planification and construction of your little dream house –

Up until now, all our tiny house workshop have been in french. But don’t worry, as our Powerpoint Presentations are now available in english! Indeed, we now offer you the opportunity to download all the PowerPoint presentations presented at the workshops. These contain a lot of information and we tried to make the most comprehensive presentation possible while being easily understandable.

Click here or on the image to the right for all the details!

P.S: This is the first time I filmed and edited such a video! Could you give me feedback so I can improve myself if I make others in the genre?

Thank you and good viewing!

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