Tiny house for sale

Tiny house for sale

28 999,95 $

This tiny house for sale is the first exterior shell that we have built. It was built between August and October 2015. As the entire exterior is complete, you may finish the interior yourself at your own pace, according to your tastes while being protected from the weather! While also saving a lot of money!


Its most interesting features are:

• Two different roof slopes. The space where the slope is small is called “dormer”, it allows more space in the loft!

• Exterior siding in western cedar

• Integrated solar air heater!


The price is negotiable, we have to sell it fast. For all the details, see below.


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Details of the tiny house for sale




• Galvanized steel trailer with lowered axles (capacity of 10,400 lbs) and stabilization jacks at each corner.


• 18′ 4″ long x 8’6″ large x 13’2″ high.


• Insulated floor with 5″ of polyisocyanurate (~ R-32,5)


• 1 thermic solar panel (solar air heater)

• Passive solar planning: fenestration is concentrated to the south, east and west.

• Energy-efficient windows.


• Frame in spruce

• Exterior siding in western cedar protected by a natural oil (Auro hard oil)


• Steel sheet roof without visible screws (chocolate).


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