A change in our tiny house design
Tiny house design

Last may, we published pictures of various materials present in our model tiny house and asking you what was going on …

Tiny house design


Several among you have guessed, we proceeded to a change in our tiny house design! Why, you ask? The main reason was the improvement of the “living room / office / dining room” space, where our tiny house workshop is given. Indeed, the old layout was not optimal and we wanted to improve the experience of our participants!


So we are back to the drawing board again for the tiny house furnishings. After several ideas and development testing, we came up with a plan. Here is a 3D rendering done through the SketchUp software (software that we use to produce our 3D plans, on sale here: www.habitationsmicro.com/en/produit/3d-tiny-house-construction-plans/ or in a bundle here: www.habitationsmicro.com/en/produit/tiny-house-plans-bundle-2d-and-3d-construction-plans-materials-list-and-photos/).

Aménagement tiny house

Tiny house 2.0


As you can see, the tiny house design change is a bench in “U”. This is a multi-function furniture: sofa (obviously!), Storage (under the benches and behind the headboard), dining table and king sized bed. These two functions are possible with a sliding foot boat; in the raised position, the panel acts as the center table and lowering the panel covers the whole space in the center of the seat and it is possible to insert a custom size cushion in this location.


Also, as the seat take the space where the office was formerly, we had to think of an alternative. You can’t see it on the 3D plan above, but we built a red cedar countertop connecting the kitchen and living room. This gives enough space for a little office and lots of storage! All the wood used was treated with hard oil Tockay, a product that we distribute: www.habitationsmicro.com/produit/huile-dure-kreidezeit/


But enough talk, let’s see the photos!


Banquette without cushions

Banquette with cushions

Banquette with cushions in king sized bed mode

Counter and desk

“Tiny house workshop : from planning to construction”

– Obtain all the tools to succeed in the planification and construction of your little dream house –

Up until now, all our tiny house workshop have been in french. But don’t worry, as our Powerpoint Presentations are now available in english! Indeed, we now offer you the opportunity to download all the PowerPoint presentations presented at the workshops. These contain a lot of information and we tried to make the most comprehensive presentation possible while being easily understandable.

Click here or on the image to the right for all the details!

Made by and for participants in our workshops!


We give our tiny house workshop since October 2015, so many people attended them since that time… This creates a super nice support network with passionate and exciting people! For the change in our tiny house design, I organized a few days of practice workshop by inviting all former participants of the theoretical workshop. Result? Many of the participants were able to gain experience with the tools and socialize with people with similar values to theirs.


A huge thank you to everyone who came to give us a hand :

Yann Gunville, Pascal Charbonneau Lacasse, Martin Dicaire, Isabelle Brûlé, Jean-Sebastien Poirier, Karina D’astous, Rose-Emilie Bergeron and Lise Roy

Do you like the end result? Leave us a comment below or on our social networks!

daedalos media logo

These professional photos were taken by Jean-Sébastien Poirier.


His company, Daedalos Media, provides filming and video production services. I recommend his services: very professional, available and attentive to our needs!

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