Tiny house workshop : from planning to construction

Come get all the tools to succeed in your little dream house!
Atelier tiny house

– March 21 2016 update –


Up to now, all our tiny house workshop have been in french. Being located in Quebec, Canada, the majority of our clients speak french, so it’s only logical the our works are too.


However, if the demand is there, we would like to give an english version of our tiny house workshop. If you are interested in participating, please write us at info@habitationsmicro.com.


If enough people show interest to an english version, it’s going to happen! We’re looking forward to it!

Tiny houses interest you but you do not know where to start in your planning? This is normal, there is so much information available everywhere … It’s easy to get lost!

What regulations must I obey? How to insulate my house to make it comfortable? How to organize my drinking water supply and how to handle my waste? Where do I park my future house? How can I be autonomous in my energy and water consumption?

Since our foundation in 2014, we received an incredible amount of questions by email, telephone and during visits in our house model. Tiny houses attracts a lot of people, and for good reason! However, you probably realize this already, building a tiny house is complex and requires some investment (time, money, etc.), both for planning and construction. For your convenience, we now offer a complete workshop about tiny houses. After a day with us, we want you to have all the tools at hand for a successful dream house!

The workshop is aimed at both self-builders and neophytes who want to know more about the subject. You do not need to have any prior basic knowledge to take advantage of the training. Here are some of the topics to be discussed:

Réglementation tiny house



Parking your tiny house
Understanding of the different municipal regulations.


Planning the size of your house
Explanation of house transport regulations.

Plans tiny house

Planning – Plans


How to manage a small space
Tips and examples of intelligent spaces


Making yourself a plan or buy it?
What programs you should use to produce plans

Huile mezzanine

Planning – materials


What materials to use
Comparison of the environmental impact of different materials (siding, insulation, framing, etc.)


Building a house as light as possible
Explanation of our unique construction method

Panneaux solaires tiny house

Electricity and plumbing


Connect to Hydro-Québec or live off-grid?
Presentation on the system installed on our model house and the advantages and disadvantages of energy independence.


Drinkable and grey water
Presentation of different solutions for drinking water supply and wastewater management.

Construction de tiny house



construction stages of a micro home
Presentation with step by step visual and explanations


Replicate our unique construction method
By attending the workshop, you will have the chance to purchase our plans at a very low price. By having them in hand and attending the workshop, you cannot go wrong!

Maximisation de l'espace

Maximizing space


All you need in less than 200 sq ft
Various tips and planning for maximization of space (framing, interior design and furnishings).


Mezzanine: staircase or ladder?
The location of the bedroom is a crucial aspect in the development of a tiny house. We will explore all options, their advantages and disadvantages.

Workshop details

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The workshop will take place directly in our tiny house. This is actually the perfect place to learn how to build one! The house is located in Bois-des-Filion, on the North Shore of Montreal. By registering, you will receive the exact address and directions to get there.

Your instructor

The workshop will be given by Gabriel Parent-Leblanc, founder of Habitations MicroÉvolution. He is a biologist and has a master’s degree in environmental management. His master’s thesis focused on green building, more specifically on the analysis of the environmental impact of heating and insulation solutions available in Quebec. Without false modesty, he is one of the best people to teach you because he built with his own hands the tiny house in which the workshop will take place. He also lived in the house during the winter of 2014 – 2015, so he can advise you on things to do and not to do.


Attending the workshop costs 249,95 $ *.

However, if you register two persons at a time (couples, friends, etc.), you save 100 $ (399,95 $ instead of 499,90 $). This means that the workshop will cost you only 200 $.

By attending the workshop, you also have the opportunity to purchase our notre tiny house plans bundle (2D and 3D construction plans, materials list and photos) at a very low price. Normally 174.95 $, you can obtain it for only 100 $ at registration. We can also make your personal plans, please tell us about it during the workshop!

Date and time

Our first workshops were really successful! We wish to repeat the experience with two new dates: Saturday 2 and April 23, 2016 from 9h to 17h. Plan to arrive 15 minutes in advance for the course to begin on time!

Other useful information

• A free vegetarian dinner will be served at lunch hour by Sylvie Leblanc, naturopath and intervener in the field of healthy eating for over 30 years. Please notify us in advance if you have food allergies.

• There is only 6 places available per workshop. Indeed, a tiny house is by definition a small space; there is no space for a bigger group. We could give ourselves more space for the workshop, but learning directly into our tiny house is too interesting. Moreover, because the group is small, it leaves you more time to ask questions and discuss your project with the instructor and other participants.

• All information will be presented with a Powerpoint on screen. All PowerPoint presentations are available (download) directly when you book the workshop.

I want to sign up!


We would like to give an english version of our tiny house workshop. If you are interested in participating, please write us at info@habitationsmicro.com.

If enough people show interest to an english version, it’s going to happen!

You can pay with a check or with Paypal directly from the website (by clicking on one of the above buttons you will be redirected to a shopping cart). The PayPal service accepts multiple payment methods (credit card, debit card, bank account, etc.) and you do not need a Paypal account to send payment.

We hope to see you there!

* Price on 23 march 2016. These are in Canadian dollars and subject to change without notice. Taxes (QST and GST) not included.